With little area do spare I decided to project the public space of the bar upon the esplanade, resulting in a united area. The end of this projection is a "frame": this big "window" that gives a sensation of protection from the inside which the children's love to cross. The central green wall balances the composition and gives a fresh environment to the space.

The concrete wall, at the lounge area (or dance floor), is part of the structural system (prefabricated concrete): we left it "as it is" when we saw the contrast between this "raw" material and the "clean" surfaces. Initially the wall was supposed to receive a artistic work.

(we took 3 months deciding what to put over there...). The round shape of the chairs is inspired in the broad leafs of the "Ginkgo" - witch is the name of a species of trees with more than 30 million years - it's a reminder of the longevity of the "good design" - in these case by Nature.


Arquitecture  Arq. Tiago Rosado